My Business

Forte Teachers in uniformI guess I am most known as Gillian Erskine, Forte School of Music founder. We launched Forte School of Music in Australia January 1994.

Having owned a school business for 25 years I have been through several economic cycles, stages of business development and roles within my business. With a team of great people we built (what can be a difficult business) into a large thriving and profitable business and became arguably the largest music school in Australia with around 750 students each week.

Forte Toowong Team 2015I say my team as it took the combined talents and efforts of the team of people around me including our wonderful Forte Teachers and my fantastic School Support team to achieve this amazing business success. I am very grateful to them as since founding Forte School of Music I focussed my efforts in developing and expanding Forte School of Music rather than working in my own Forte School of Music on a daily basis. Being one of the founding members of Forte School of Music, Paul Myatt and I worked tireless on getting the master business up and running. I learnt to manage Gillian Erskine Forte School of Music business on KPI’s and looked after specialist areas like the marketing and staff recruitment. I relied on my wonderful team of school operations manager, customer service people and teachers to build the strong vibrant business that it was. And it was busy with around 750 students a team of 35 – 40 teachers and 3 – 5 support staff and manager. I still am lucky to keep in touch with lots of our team and it’s fun to get together. We had lunch with Ann, Maria and Sue and it was really lovely to get together.

Kids making connectionsIn 2009 David Doherty my manager at the time took over the business and I was then able to focus all of my energies on my role as franchisor, training and mentoring our new business partners and looking after my family.

We started dreaming about a tuition business years ago and am very excited that we launched The Learning Lab in January 2015.