Forte School Ops Manual goes online!



So much to share with all of our business partners and so much easier to do it with our online format of Forte School of Music Operations Manual. This site is jammed packed with videos, powerpoint presentations, documents, spreadsheet templates, advertising examples as well as lots of tried and tested little secrets that have made all of our Forte School of Music businesses successful profitable businesses.

And that’s no mean feat! Most music businesses barely make enough to pay the bills. Some dont even do that very well. We’re proud of our Forte School of Music business model and the amazing profitable and successful businesses our business partners have build with it when they implement the systems and strategies outlined in our Forte School Operations Manual.

Forte School of Music online school operations manual is the place to go to when our business partners want some samples of things that work and to review the process of some of the many systems we have. Over 20 years we’ve done most things that need doing in a music school and it’s all there! And we are adding to it all the time…. Our regular online webinars which are held fortnightly at the moment are recorded and placed up on the site within a couple of days. These Forte webinars are some of the real gems that our business partners have exclusive access to to help them grow and refine their business skills.

The value of Paul Myatt, Forte School of Music experience and Gillian Erskine Forte School of Music is there for all of our business partners to  benefit from.

The Learning Lab goes live!

Yey! finally The Learning Lab site goes live!

We’ve been working on The Learning Lab for years now and to see our site finally go live is, Hmmm let me think….. Well it’s humbling on one haven, exciting on an other, satisfying and probably darn well about time really!

It’s so great to be involved in another business which can make a huge difference in people’s lives. Differences in the lives of the children in that the options open to them when they leave school will be wider the better they do at school. Their parents stress levels can seriously take a battering so hopefully they can relax a little knowing their children is starting to get on top of their school work but most importantly of all I think it has to be the positive impact we make on a child’s self esteem and self confidence.

Our own belief systems have hug impact in all areas of our lives and the choices we make. If we can bolster even 1 child’s self esteem through him attaining better understanding of a subject area or improvement in grade results I know how much that can impact on other choices beliefs in his life.

Believe and you will achieve!

Forte Teacher Training goes online!

It’s all new and Forte Teacher Training is now online. Well level 1 is anyway!

Wow this site is so wonderful. We are taking Forte Teacher training  to the next level. I must say here and now that I am so ever grateful to Paul Myatt my wonderful business partner of 20+ years for the untold hours and hours of work in filming, editing, script writing and recording the instructional videos along with demos of Paul doing it with his lovely big classes that thrive on the excitement of coming along to music every week. I’ve been in those classes and felt the energy and excitement in the room. It’s truly humbling to think this program that we’ve developed is having such an extraordinary effect on children’s lives which in turn impacts their future.

For the first time we are able to show our wonderful Forte music education program in full swing with ‘real live children’! Fabulous job Paul. In our new site we have all the content from our old Forte Greenroom including all the fully descriptive lesson plans, course goals, teaching tips and other extensive resources and now we are adding a whole lot of videos so our teachers can see it and learner even quicker than before. We’ve got most of JKC 1 up and are adding more and more all he time. Learning how to be a Forte teacher has never been easier.