Forte Teacher Training goes online!

It’s all new and Forte Teacher Training is now online. Well level 1 is anyway!

Wow this site is so wonderful. We are taking Forte Teacher training  to the next level. I must say here and now that I am so ever grateful to Paul Myatt my wonderful business partner of 20+ years for the untold hours and hours of work in filming, editing, script writing and recording the instructional videos along with demos of Paul doing it with his lovely big classes that thrive on the excitement of coming along to music every week. I’ve been in those classes and felt the energy and excitement in the room. It’s truly humbling to think this program that we’ve developed is having such an extraordinary effect on children’s lives which in turn impacts their future.

For the first time we are able to show our wonderful Forte music education program in full swing with ‘real live children’! Fabulous job Paul. In our new site we have all the content from our old Forte Greenroom including all the fully descriptive lesson plans, course goals, teaching tips and other extensive resources and now we are adding a whole lot of videos so our teachers can see it and learner even quicker than before. We’ve got most of JKC 1 up and are adding more and more all he time. Learning how to be a Forte teacher has never been easier.