Forte School Ops Manual goes online!



So much to share with all of our business partners and so much easier to do it with our online format of Forte School of Music Operations Manual. This site is jammed packed with videos, powerpoint presentations, documents, spreadsheet templates, advertising examples as well as lots of tried and tested little secrets that have made all of our Forte School of Music businesses successful profitable businesses.

And that’s no mean feat! Most music businesses barely make enough to pay the bills. Some dont even do that very well. We’re proud of our Forte School of Music business model and the amazing profitable and successful businesses our business partners have build with it when they implement the systems and strategies outlined in our Forte School Operations Manual.

Forte School of Music online school operations manual is the place to go to when our business partners want some samples of things that work and to review the process of some of the many systems we have. Over 20 years we’ve done most things that need doing in a music school and it’s all there! And we are adding to it all the time…. Our regular online webinars which are held fortnightly at the moment are recorded and placed up on the site within a couple of days. These Forte webinars are some of the real gems that our business partners have exclusive access to to help them grow and refine their business skills.

The value of Paul Myatt, Forte School of Music experience and Gillian Erskine Forte School of Music is there for all of our business partners to  benefit from.