The Learning Lab goes live!

Yey! finally The Learning Lab site goes live!

We’ve been working on The Learning Lab for years now and to see our site finally go live is, Hmmm let me think….. Well it’s humbling on one haven, exciting on an other, satisfying and probably darn well about time really!

It’s so great to be involved in another business which can make a huge difference in people’s lives. Differences in the lives of the children in that the options open to them when they leave school will be wider the better they do at school. Their parents stress levels can seriously take a battering so hopefully they can relax a little knowing their children is starting to get on top of their school work but most importantly of all I think it has to be the positive impact we make on a child’s self esteem and self confidence.

Our own belief systems have hug impact in all areas of our lives and the choices we make. If we can bolster even 1 child’s self esteem through him attaining better understanding of a subject area or improvement in grade results I know how much that can impact on other choices beliefs in his life.

Believe and you will achieve!