About me

Gillian Erskine
Looking back it’s been a bit of a journey….

I started out working as a contract teacher for leading music retailer Ellaways Piano and Organ World in Brisbane. The student numbers grew and grew at the time and after about 18 months I was asked to start up Ellaways Music Academy. It was here I was introduced to Yamaha Music Education. I loved it!

A few years later I struck out on my own as a self employed teacher from my home studio plus a day each week teaching classes in a Yamaha Music school to get out of the house and do what I really love teaching small groups!

In 1985 it was on to my own music school business, Toowong Yamaha Music School where I took over a school of 400 students.  For the next 8 years we were one of the largest and most successful schools in Australia. The school grew to more than 500 students and I mostly ran the business but after a couple of years I couldn’t help myself so I stepped into having a dual role of management, customer service and teaching a couple of days a week.

Pik Paul and GillianAfter a eight years we began to feel that we were losing students because the courses were getting too hard too quickly and the choice of music wasn’t what our culture thrived on. We love the small group learning environment where children self confidence can blossom, we believe in a fine aural develop program for this our auditory art form. And we believe given the right conditions everyone can learn to play music.

In 1994 and we launched Forte School of Music in Brisbane. It was a busy few years ahead! Our schools blossomed and grew. By the early 2000’s we grew my school over three locations in the western suburbs of Brisbane and 750 students. It was a lot to look after along with 35 – 40 teachers! Luckily I had some wonderful managers and customer service staff who I still keep in touch with today.

1995 we opened our first school away from home, in Eastwood Sydney and in 1996 we opened our first Forte franchise also in Sydney in the north shore suburb of Gordon.

HAppy 20th ForteIn 2009 my manager at the time bought the business and I moved more into my Mum to 2 children and wife to gorgeous husband along with Master franchisor role mentoring our Forte business partners to grow their businesses. In our 20th year we celebrated with International conference in Cardiff Wales with our business partner Jane and her crew. To further mark our special year we recorded Budding Virtuosity album. What better way to celebrate the occasion than with an album showcasing our most wonderfully talented students!