Forte School of Music

100_4551Forte School of Music was launched in 1994. More than 2 decades ago now and boy the time have flown. We have 12 schools in out network and are wide spread across Australia, have 2 locations in Auckland New Zealand and are so proud of our school in Cardiff UK.

Th early years were frantic with Paul and I working 15 – 20 hours a day in publishing and testing out courses in our schools, developing our School Operations Manuals and training programs.

P1010890We have been blessed to have has an amazing team around us from Jayne Browne in School Ops, Bradley Rush in School Development, Yolanda Frylink in Teacher Training all of whom we couldn’t have built this awesome business without.

With a system this mature we have the advantages of having been through many ups and downs in economic cycles and our knowledge base in marketing our client focussed business just keeps growing and growing.

IMG_1197Paul Myatt my business partner of more than 20 years and I continue our own personal development and growth as business people and learning of new skills and I’m really loving learning some of the digital and online marketing strategies eventhough at times it feels overwhelming.

We are growing again as we help Pik Kong start up her school in Mount Waverley, Melbourne and I cant wait to go to New Zealand in September to officially open a new Forte School in Auckland at Forte International Conference.